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Rechargeable – Bernafon Alpha & Viron Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aids are becoming the priority with hearing aid manufacturers with it likely to become the norm in nearly all future hearing aids. This has become possible with advances in Lithium Ion battery technology, proven in power tools, being successfully adapted into hearing aids. All hearing aid manufacturers have their version of Lithium Ion rechargeable hearing aids and ACE Audiology is of the view that Bernafon Alpha & Viron range of hearing aids have struck the right balance between functionality, servicing and operability. The Alpha & Viron miniRITE hearing aids are available from levels one to nine to suit any budget.

Bernafon Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Bernafon Lithium Ion rechargeable hearing aids have a 312+ internal battery. This is not the normal type  of 312 disposable battery but an enhanced version that provides up to 20 hours of hearing aid function. Importantly its internal rechargeable battery can be replaced in the clinic on the rare occasions this may be necessary without having it return to the manufacturer for disassembly and reassembly. Lithium Ion brings a full day’s operation on a singe overnight charge. Briefer charge periods can be performed without causing any battery memory issues.  

What other features does the Bernafon Alpha & Viron Hearing Aids have?

There are a number of features available in the Alpha & Viron that are particularly compelling from both the Audiologists and the client perspectives. Most recently Bernafon introduced the Music Xperience feature that used a new chip enhancement to specifically process the nuances of music. Results to date have been exceptional.

Dual Controls

The dual and linked on board controls are simple and easy to find for simple manual operation particularly if dexterity is an issue.

Visual Alerts

The rear facing light emitting diode in red and green provides useful feedback to the user and/or their carers. The various visual signals can signify difficulties with the hearing aid or alternatively confirm functional responses to control operations which can be reassuring.

Connectivity to you Smart Phone 

Connected your hearing aids to your smart phone to access a simple and elegant screen for touch control operability. No need to touch your onboard controls ever! You can also receive phone calls directly into your ear as if you had personal headphones for the duration of the call.

Tele Audiology – Remote Support

Bernafon have introduced the “Easycontrol Connect” application for your Smart Phone. This allows your Audiologist to connect to your hearing aids via your smart phone using the application. You can see and speak with your Audiologist on your Smart Phone while they connect to your hearing aids remotely. The Audiologist can perform a hearing test through your hearing aids and make fine tuning adjustments no matter where you might be located.

This level of technology is a great advance and is proving to be convenient for many clients for whom attending the clinic is problematic.

True Environmental ProcessingTM

Bernafon has set the benchmark in reality sound with its trademark True Environmental ProcessingTM. This technology truly immerses the wearer in their acoustic environment bringing sound close to reality.

Bernafon’s Dynamic Environmental Control System (DECS) has been created to improve user’s understanding in noise by adapting the hearing aid microphone directionality and noise reduction precisely every moment of listing. The system detects and analyzes the acoustic environment with 32,000 data points and processes the sound 20,000 times per second.

Wireless Accessories

You can enhance your television viewing with an inexpensive adaptor that will stream sound into your ears like you have never heard before. If appropriate you may also obtain a remote control for simple operation if on board controls or a Smart Phone are not to your liking.

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