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Invisible Hearing Aids-Starkey Evolv AI Invisible-in-the-canal

What are Invisible Hearing Aids?

Invisible hearing aids, known as IIC’s are designed to sit recessed approximately 3mm inside the ear canal. This way they look invisible to the naked eye due to the natural shadow one sees when looking at the ear directly.

IIC devices are ideal for those with a cosmetic preference for unseen hearing aids and/or those who have practical concerns regarding other head worn items. 

The reduction in size does however mean that Bluetooth streaming would not be feasible as there is insufficient space to locate the chip or sizeable battery needed to power that technology. IIC do also require a reasonable sized ear canal to fit the speaker, battery and microphone components into a limited space.

The IIC is non-wireless, meaning connection for programming requires some physical connection. The Evolv CIC, being slightly larger does enable wireless connection for programming which is much simpler and more convenient.

The Best Invisible Hearing Aid – Starkey Evolv AI (IIC)

The Evolv AI is a step up in technology from  its predecessor, the Livio Edge AI. The IIC version is the smallest in the Starkey Evolv family of hearing aids.

There exist four levels of the Starkey Evolve AI (invisible-in-the-canal) hearing aids. These range from the Premium 2400 that incorporates the most channels at 24 and include full Edge Mode, Voice AI and Speech Optimization. Lower levels are the Advanced 2000 , Select 1600 and Basic 1200 levels enabling price points to suit various budgets. The 1200 has 12 channels of fine tuning and retains Speech Optimization, without Edge mode or Voice AI .

Edge mode is now more advanced. It takes a sample of the actual listening environment acoustics and analyses the frequency components making up the noise. From this data it accesses its artificial intelligence to come up with a customized solution to improve clarity and listening comfort.

Who is Suitable for an Invisible Hearing Aid?

The invisible hearing aid style is suitable for individuals who place a high priority on cosmetics and privacy surrounding their hearing loss. ACE Audiology Melbourne is happy to advise if you are suitable for this style of hearing aid. A medium size canal is necessary to fit the components into a confined space. 

Is black or flesh colored faceplate more invisible in the ear hearing aid?

ACE Audiology Melbourne would recommend a black faceplate that being the least visible, compared with say beige.


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