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Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aids have been with us for 5 years or more now and the technology has improved dramatically.

Lithium Ion batteries have proven to be robust and reliable. These have been extensively used in power tools and have now made their way into the rechargeable hearing aid market. They can be made in various shapes so hearing aids do not necessarily need to be defined by the round battery design. 

All hearing aid manufacturers now feature rechargeable hearing aids across their product ranges that are affordable and easy to use.  The elderly find them particularly convenient. There exists two main of recharger options to consider

  • Basic Desktop Hearing Aid Charger – Simple to use and operate. Charges only when plugged into the wall socket.
  • Premium Mobile Hearing Aid Charger – An internal battery reservoir will operate for up to 4 days without the need to plug it into a wall socket.

How Long Do Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

Lithium Ion batteries within a hearing aid will last for 20 hours on an overnight full charge. Shorter bursts of recharging do not cause any memory issues. The rechargeable battery will last the life of the hearing aids, is which around five years.