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Ease Of Use – Sivantos Styletto

I love this hearing aid as it has no on-board controls rendering it easier to use! The hearing aid runs entirely automatically, sensing the acoustic environment continuously and making thousands of adjustments instantaneously exactly to your hearing loss needs.

As it is slender it is a remarkably good fit behind the ear being comfortable to wear and highly cosmetic. It’s simply a pleasure to wear. It comes in five performance levels to suit most budgets.

Styletto Connect Overview Video

What Features Does The Styletto Have?

As its name suggests the Styletto hearing aid is really a fashion statement due to its elongated and ear hugging shape. Its sleek design foretold the removal of on-board controls to live up to its designers’ vision. The Styletto with its looks is preferred by 8 out of ten people in comparison to conventional designs.

Rechargeability – Up to 19 hours run time.

Given the advent of Lithium Ion Hearing aid battery technology Sivantos took advantage of being able to make one in its preferred shape. Until recently a large part of a hearing aid style was governed by the circular battery cell. This no longer holds true and I believe we will see many more variances on hearing aid shapes in the coming years. As it comes with its own recharger case you can continuously top up the charge for four days without plugging into an outlet. This is perfect for a weekend away with no plugs or cables.

Connectivity – Made for iPhone

The Sivantos Styletto is made for iPhone, meaning it can connect by Bluetooth to Apple products. You may also acquire accessories to connect to your television or have a remote control. The remote-control accessory also doubles as a remote microphone to be worn by your main communicative partner in noisy environments such as a restaurant or even at a lecture.

Importantly the iPhone is the primary means of adjusting your hearing aids if you ever feel the need to do so. Using the touch screen on your mobile phone enables you to adjust volume, your listening program and the microphone span pattern. The latter feature enables you to narrow the microphone focus to a few narrow degrees to suppress noise from behind and focus on the conversation in front of you.

Own Voice Processing (OVPTM)

The fitting process involves the instruments being calibrated to your own voice rendering the initial perception of your amplified voice to be more natural and acceptable. This creates an instant fit acceptance without having to wait the week or so that it takes for your brain to adapt to the new sound.

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