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Budget – Bernafon Alpha 1 miniBTE

The Alpha 1 miniBTE hearing aid is a Behind-the-Ear style of hearing aid that a new product from the Bernafon stable. Alpha is the new family from Bernafon with models ranging from level 1 through to 9. The budget model to which we refer here is level 1. The level 1 technology has many of the core features of the Alpha family however the number of fine tuning channels and levels of noise reduction are reduced in comparison to the most advanced levels, such as the Alpha 9.

The Alpha 1 miniBTE is available as a free to client device for those pensioners and veterans eligible to participate in the Federal Governments Hearing Services Program.

Hybrid Technology

Bernafon’s Hybrid technology converges two audio processing methodologies into a singular hearing aid system. Using this approach the Hybrid technology can cater for complex sound environments, including those are noisy and troublesome. The Bernafon Alpha platform can enhance speech comprehension in multiple complex listening environments.

Hybrid Noise Management

This is comprised of Smart Directionality and Smart Noise Reduction. Combined these technologies reduce artifact and improve the listening experience across 12 bands. Options of Adaptive full directionality and fixed directional and omnidirectional microphone performance are available in the level 1 Alpha miniBTE.

Hybrid Feedback Canceller

This feature is available across all levels of the Alpha family including level 1. Acoustic Feedback or “Whistle” arises when amplified sound leaks from the ear canal and re enters the hearing aid microphone. This emits a brief high pitch ring. It can be present at rest and often when near a reflect surface such as a wall, cushion or another person when hugging. The Hybrid Feedback Canceller uses Static Phase cancellation and for dynamic situations a spectro temporal approach. Combined both of these work effectively to minimise the risk of acoustic feedback being audible to others.

Is the Alpha 1 miniBTE Comfortable to Wear?

From a physical perspective the shape of the hearing instrument is comfortable leveraging the well established design techniques essential for behind-the-ear fittings.

Acoustically the Alpha 1 miniBTE will provide appropriate amplification across 12 fine tuning bands to match your hearing loss effectively. I has good noise reduction and directivity to assist you in noise. The sophistication is less in a basic aid than at the higher levels but nonetheless they are effective hearing aids and well accepted by the many thousands who have obtained these instruments privately or for free through the Hearing Services Program.

This is not a rechargeable hearing aid and uses as size 312 disposable battery, each of which lasts 5-7 days.


The Alpha 1 miniBTE has hands free phone connectivity enabling streaming of calls from your smart phone or from a TV streamer or remote micorphone accessory.

What are Listening programs?

Listening programs are sound amplification patterns that differ for specific environments, as well as other internal setting changes for the range of pitch available and the amount of feedback control and noise reduction.

The Bernafon Alpha 1 miniBTE has four program memories accessible by a singular on board press button or via an installed Smart Phone application.

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