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Hello, and welcome to ACE Audiology.
You are probably here visiting this web page as you, or someone you know has been experiencing some hearing difficulty. We are here to help so you have come to the right place.
At ACE Audiology we do more than dispense hearing aids. We take a holistic view of each individual and customize what we do for you to optimize your hearing outcome.
As an independent Audiology practice, we pride ourselves on being experts in hearing loss assessment, hearing aid dispensing, and hearing rehabilitation. We also work with balance disorders and specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of BPPV (ear crystal) disorders.
Being independent we are able to ensure that you receive unbiased advice and may select from a range of hearing aid manufacturers. We do not pay commissions nor do we have any preferred supplier arrangements.
We look forward to hearing from you so we get a start on you hearing care plan.

Family Business

We are independent family business

providing quality hearing aid dispensing and hearing aid support services

Independent Audiology businesses, such as ACE Audiology Melbourne, dispense hearing aids from the full range of hearing aid products available in the market. The benefit to you is that you will receive the most appropriate hearing aid recommendation regardless of the brand. It is relatively unknown that many retail hearing aid outlets are owned by hearing aid manufacturers that preference their own products. This is not necessarily in your best interests. As a consequence the Hearing Services Program now requires hearing aid outlets to declare if they have any preferred hearing aid supplier arrangements. Whist this is a good step it is probably insufficient as an after fact. Rest assured you will receive the choice your deserve with ACE Audiology Melbourne

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