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What Is The National Disability Insurance Scheme?

The National Disability Insurance Agency is a Federal Government organization that controls the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Plan Managers work within the scheme, or independently, to develop programs and source providers of services.  ACE Audiology is a registered NDIS Hearing Services Provider able to assist all NDIS participants

The NDIS provides reasonable and necessary support to eligible individuals to help them achieve goals in their life. This includes supports for independence, community engagement, education, employment, health and well-being. As everyone’s needs are different then each plan will vary and can be modified as may be required throughout their participation in the scheme.

This review of the NDIS covers general eligibility and access regardless of your disability type. Specific sections refer to individuals with a primary disability of hearing loss. The NDIS will also consider other disabilities, when combined with hearing loss, that, when combined, represent a significant obstacle in achieving your life goals.

ACE Audiology Melbourne recommends intending NDIS applicants to read this section thoroughly and follow the relevant links. A simplified NDIS “Access Request” checklist is available to open and download for interested readers.

Am I Eligible For The NDIS?

The NDIA determines policy about access eligibility and disability criteria that guides the NDIS planners. The planner uses these parameters to assess individual applicants to the scheme when provided with evidence of the disability and how it affects an individual in daily living based on self and health provider reports. To be eligible for the NDIS, you must:

  • have a permanent disability that significantly affects your ability to take part in everyday activities or a developmental delay
  • be less than 65 years old when you first access the NDIS
  • be an Australian citizen, hold a permanent visa or a Protected Special Category visa, and
  • live in a part of Australia where the NDIS is now available.
Specific to Hearing Loss
In general the NDIA accepts that hearing loss more than 65 decibels in the better ear averaged across test frequencies of 500Hz, 1000Hz and 2000Hz may result in reduced functional capacity in daily living.


Hearing impairments of less than 65 decibels in the better ear in conjunction with other permanent impairments (for example vision or cognitive impairments), or where there is evidence of significantly poorer than expected speech detection and discrimination outcomes, may also be considered to result in substantially reduced functional capacity to undertake relevant activities.

How Do I Apply For The NDIS

You can contact the NDIS to obtain an “Access Request Form”. You must first check that you are eligible and that the NDIS is operating in your area (see above links). If you are eligible and the NDIS is in your area then call 1800 800 110 and ask to make a verbal Access Request.

What Is Considered Good Evidence Of Disability

Providing evidence of your primary disability can assist in decisions regarding services that may be provided by the NDIS.

  • recent evidence of disability
  • a report completed by a treating health professional who is relevant to your primary disability
  • confirms your primary disability
  • confirms the impacts of your disability on the different areas of your life
  • describes previous treatments and outcomes
  • describes future treatment options and expected outcomes of those treatments.

Primary disability refers to the impairment that impacts most on your daily functioning. Your Audiologist can assist you with meeting these requirements paving the way to access.

What Assistive Technology Can Be Provided For Hearing Loss?

In respect of hearing disability assistive technology supports may include provision of free hearing aids  and funding for a range of other assistive technologies as may be reasonable and necessary as follows.

  • Alert systems e.g. baby cry, smoke alarm, doorbell
  • Bluetooth accessories
  • Hearing Aid Remote controls (e.g for individuals with manipulative difficulties)
  • TV streamers
  • FM systems
  • Microphones
  • Cochlear Implant speech processor accessories (including aqua accessories) and speech processor upgrades

Hearing Service Provision By Ace Audiology Melbourne

ACE Audiology Melbourne is a family owned business that prides itself on client care with many satisfied customers as per our testimonials page. As an experienced provider of hearing health care our focus to help you achieve optimal hearing with your hearing instruments and other assistive technology. Some key aspects of ACE Audiology Melbourne are as follows

  • Highly Experienced Audiologists Dr Yazdaneh Galt has worked in hearing aid dispensing for 20 years working with both adults and children with hearing care needs. Mr Jonathan Galt has had several decades experience in hearing aid dispensing. He is also a balance specialist audiologist.
  • Independent Family run business We base our business around client care
  • No Commissions ACE Audiology Melbourne does not pay commissions to its staff
  • Provide customised Communication training following hearing aid fitting