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The remarks here are general and are not to be considered as medical advice. If you feel you may be experiencing Misophonia consult with your general practitioner and an Audiologist who are both likely to be able to provide your with assistance and guidance relating to the condition.

Misophonia is a disorder in which the individual affected reacts with disgust and anger toward particular physiological sounds created by others. These are usually sounds made whilst eating and can sometimes involve sniffing noises or low level speech perceived as a murmur. Usually sound from family members are the most significant irritants. Those made by non family members or younger siblings are of little concern even though the spectrum of the sound is essentially the same.

The onset of Misophonia symptoms are usually in the early teenage years and often result in separate eating arrangements. Loss of social engagement and damage to relationships can be a significant loss to one’s quality of life. At times the disgust and anger felt by the Misophonia sufferer can result in verbal attacks and sometimes physical aggression towards people or objects in their immediate environment. Most Misophonia sufferers understand this is not socially acceptable and are able to kerb their intense reactions.

There are often other obsessive compulsive mannerisms in a Misophonia sufferer. Indeed, even though some of the sounds create an intense dislike they can often find themselves mimicking the sound in a process known in psychological terms as “undoing”. This somehow has a soothing aspect.

Identification of the disorder is important to assist the individual achieve the best quality of life possible. Treatments are available and require team effort over time to diminish the distress experienced by the Misophonia sufferer. Please contact ACE Audiology should you require assistance.

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