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Otoacoustic Emissions

Otoacoustic Emissions

Otoacoustic Emissions form part of neonatal hearing screening programs for hearing loss in newborn nurseries. They are an objective measure of the function of the Cochlea, not requiring participation by the subject. It works by sending sound into the ear that is crafted to elicit a reaction at the inner ear. It will make a small contraction in the inner ear at the level of the outer hair cell which is reverse transmitted into the ear canal. It can only work if the outer hair cells are functional, indicating objectively that some or no hearing loss is present.

ACE Audiology Melbourne finds it particularly useful in children being assessed for auditory processing disorders, in cases of marginal hearing impairment and for tinnitus patients. Otoacoustic emission have a place in monitoring the effects of chemotherapy on the ear as well.

What Can Otoacoustic Emissions be Used For?

  • OAE’s are site-specific for cochlear auditory dysfunction
  • Measuring Ototoxic drug effects on the inner ear
  • Objective not requiring active participation of subject
  • Early detection of cochlear dysfunction before it appears on the audiogram
  • Provide frequency specific information similar to an audiogram.
  • Valuable component of early detection of hearing loss in newborns

ACE Audiology Melbourne will discuss the need for this test as part of your hearing test appointment. If you feel this may be suitable for you please get in touch for further information.