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Early intervention

Early Intervention

Hearing loss has a significant impact on our daily living and early intervention is beneficial due to the isolation associated with untreated hearing impairment. Isolation can lead to depression which has a number of comorbidities that should be avoided if at all possible. Indeed, research has confirmed that those with managed hearing loss live healthier, happier and longer lives than those that do not.

There is growing evidence of a correlation between hearing loss and dementia. There are several modifiable risk factors for dementia with hearing being identified as one of those. Prompt and early intervention with hearing loss is now being highly recommended.

If you are encountering hearing difficulties, such as hearing in background noise or requiring information repeated and others complain TV is too loud, then attend an Audiologist for a hearing test and if necessary, obtain hearing aids. Early interventions save a lot of unnecessary grief. 

If you have concerns about your hearing acuity please feel free to use the links on this web page to “Contact us” for further information or “Book Appointment” to request a preferred time.