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Australian Government Hearing Services Program

Are you a pensioner suffering from a loss of hearing or think you might be “hard of hearing” and need professional audiology and hearing care services but don’t think you can afford it? You may be eligible to participate in the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (HSP) (1).

The Federal Government Department of Health manages the program which is aimed at a reduction in avoidable hearing loss and its associated loss of quality of life in vulnerable people such as pensioners through the provision of access to high-grade specialist hearing services and devices.  

Who is Eligible For the Hearing Services Program

Those eligible for an audiology and hearing services Voucher are Australian citizens or permanent residents aged 21 years or older, and if you are:

  • An ADF (Australian Defence Force) member
  • A pensioner concession cardholder
  • In receipt of a Centrelink Sickness Allowance
  • A Gold Repatriation Health Card holder (if it is issued for all conditions).
  • The White Repatriation Health Card holder (if issued for hearing loss and other conditions)
  • A dependant of any of those in the above categories
  • Referred by the Disability Employment Services (Disability Management Services) Program
  • A participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) who has hearing needs, referred by a planner from the NDIS Agency

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident or pensioner you are eligible to receive other audiology and hearing services if you are:

  • Younger than age 26
  • An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander over age 50
  • Participating in a Community Development Employment Projects Program.

Please note: A Seniors Health Card alone does not provide eligibility for the hearing services Australia program.

What Ace Audiology is Accredited to Undertake as Part of the Program

ACE Audiology is a contracted provider the Australian Governments Hearing Services Program (HSP) to provide the following hearing assessment services and access to devices to anyone who is eligible to receive them, including pensioners:

  • A free Hearing Test to determine which type and degree of hearing loss the person is suffering from and how much communication disability is evident.
  • Free Hearing Aids 1 and other devices to help improve the person’s hearing ability and communication.
  • A Comprehensive Audiology Report is sent to the person’s medical practitioner which includes the interpretation of the test results and recommendations.
  • Free Counselling to help the person understand what impact their hearing loss has on their quality of life and communication abilities.
  • A Rehabilitation Program to help maximise the potential for the client to communicate.
  • Batteries and Hearing Aid Maintenance program
  1. Conditions apply under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program

How to apply for a Hearing Services Program Voucher

At Ace Audiology, we can help you fill in an online application for audiology and hearing services. We need your first and last name and address, phone number, birth date and the number on your pensioner, Centrelink or Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) card that shows you are eligible. 

Your Audiology And Hearing Services Program Provider

Once your application has been approved, you are now eligible and we can offer you the services mentioned above under the Hearing Services (HSP) Program. Approval is instant and services can commence immediately.

The Health Services Hearing Aid and Hearing Services Program

Apart from the items listed above, Ace Audiology is accredited to offer you the following audiology and hearing services under the Hearing Services Program: 

  • Advanced hearing tests are fully subsidised
  • Hearing aids are fully subsidised
  • Hearing aids are partially subsidised
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Batteries and repairs as part of the annual maintenance agreement 
  • Rehabilitation services 

The Hearing Services Program Maintenance Agreement

So, now you have joined the hearing aid program and your hearing care provider has fitted you with a hearing aid through the Hearing Services Program. Now you can also choose to enter an optional maintenance agreement. 

Your hearing aids must be taken care of and maintained to make sure they are serving you well, and maintenance agreements are an affordable and easy way to help you take care of your hearing devices.

What is a hearing services program maintenance agreement?

It can be very costly to keep up the necessary maintenance of your hearing device and it costs money to buy batteries. However, maintenance agreements are between you and your hearing and audiology services provider. 

For an annual fee, your service provider supplies batteries, service and repair for your hearing aids for 12 months. Entering the agreement means the Hearing services program pays your service provider an additional sum towards the cost of maintaining and servicing your device.

Are you thinking of changing your Hearing Services Provider?

Relocating is quick and simple

Participants change providers for a variety of reasons, but mostly for convenience of location. Another common reason is dissatisfaction with the performance of their current hearing aids.

Unfortunately, there exist a growing number of vertically integrated hearing service providers, that are owned by a factory. What this means to you is less choice. Less choice means being offered the same brand of hearing aid when you express dissatisfaction with the performance of your existing devices. This is not a good outcome.

ACE Audiology also offers a broader service offering than most. This includes in house wax management. If you’re a hearing aid user you will appreciate not having to find another business to manage and remove your earwax. It’s all done in house at ACE Audiology. We also operate a balance diagnostic and treatment clinic should you have needs in that area as well.

If you cannot obtain the outcome you desire you will be better served with an independent provider such as ACE Audiology who can offer you true choice of product. We are not aligned with any manufacturer and we do not pay commissions to our practitioners or administrative staff.

How do I change my Hearing Services Provider (relocate)?

A simple phone call to ACE Audiology is sufficient to verbally authorise your relocation to us. We make the changes in the Hearing Services Program portal and your file is transferred to us within 7 days. At your first attendance the relocation is confirmed and an authorising signature obtained. Any maintenance agreement you have with your previous provider rolls over to ACE Audiology until its natural end date.

If you’re looking for hearing aids, a hearing services provider or searching the internet for “hearing services near me” and need more information on hearing aid service packages, contact us at ACE Audiology on 03 9850 8888 at Bulleen, and 03 9440 9409 at Ivanhoe. 


  1. For more information or contact details for providers of the Hearing Services Program, call the Department of Health’s Call and Information Centre on 1800 500 726 (or 1800 500 496 for users of TTY equipment).