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Hearing Aid Maintenance

Hearing Aid Maintenance

ACE Audiology Melbourne has a ten-point hearing aid service check to ensure your hearing aids are performing optimally. It is recommended that you have a hearing aid service check at least annually to keep on top of things. Ear wax is the natural enemy of the hearing aid and can-do damage to the delicate receiver in the ear canal. Staying on top of ear wax accumulation and controlling any build up on the receiver is important to ensure a long hearing aid life. Dust and moisture are equally problematic.

The Best Ten-Point Hearing Aid Service Checks is as follows:
  • Dehumidification Chamber
  • Battery contact check and clean/or Rechargeable Battery Status Check
  • Microphone port inspection and suction
  • Receiver Casing Cleanse
  • Volume/Program Switch function test
  • Case Damage check
  • Receiver filter exchange
  • Dome Exchange /or ear mould ultrasonic cleansing.
  • Smart Phone Application Update and Functional Check
  • Subjective Listening check

ACE Audiology Melbourne welcomes your visit to check over your hearing aids to keep them humming along beautifully.


Save yourself some expense by having a thorough hearing aid maintenance check before the warranty expires. This way any closed case hearing aid repair needs can be identified and sent to the hearing aid manufacturer.

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