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Features and benefits

Features and benefits

New features and benefits in hearing aids are emerging routinely. There are far too many to document extensively so ACE Audiology Melbourne has elected to focus on the more common and useful benefits.

Lithium Ion battery technology is a sea change enabling the wearer to obtain a full day’s operation on one charge. Rechargeable hearing aids are much more convenient and particularly helpful for those who may struggle managing a small hearing aid battery. Long term hearing aid users are thrilled to upgrade to rechargeable hearing aids as they have grown fatigued managing batteries over many years. Rechargeable hearing aids are available from all leading hearing aid manufacturers.

Bluetooth Mobile Phone Connectivity
Technological advances now mean you can connect your Smart Phone audio media or voice calls directly into the hearing aids.  Isolation arising from inability to communicate with family and friends on the phone takes a toll on quality of life. This technology is a big step in bringing your hearing back to life by delivering a crisp and clear voice minus the background noise. Hearing the phone call in both ears is also a considerable listening advantage.

The latest version of Bluetooth technology, available since early 2022, supports hands free mobile phone conversations. This is achieved by picking up your voice using the hearing aid microphone rather than the mobile phone microphone. This means you can answer the call by a button press and leave the phone in your pocket for the entirety of the phone call. As you no longer have to hold the phone whilst conversing you can move around and perform other tasks while on a call. A firmware upgrade for compatible hearing aids and smart phones will be required. ACE Audiology is happy to assist in this regard.

Smart Phone Remote Control
The Smart Phone screen will operate like a sophisticated remote control allowing the user access to many more functions than simple on-board controls. Adjusting the microphone focus and tuning treble and bass restore your ability to hear in noise or enjoy music and just some features you can access to make hearing easier.


Due to advances in technology all hearing aid manufacturers have developed smart Phone applications to enable remote consultations with your audiologist. Your Audiologist can connect to your hearing aids wherever you are from their office and make adjustments and perform a hearing assessment (through the hearing aids) remotely. You are able to see each other and can talk back and forth whilst tests and adjustments are made in real time. This is very convenient for clients who have difficulty travelling or live remotely. Naturally not everything can be performed remotely but this is a big advance for consumers. ACE Audiology is happy to assist those who may find this technology beneficial.

Hearing Aid Accessories

There exist a range of accessories that, in combination with a hearing aid, can assist you to hear in a number of listening situations.

  • Television Streamers – These transmit the TV Audio to your hearing aids
  • Personal Microphones – Useful for conversation in noisy environments or in lectures
  • Conference Microphones – Useful to assist group conversations due to ability to move the direction of their focus
  • Remote Controls – helpful in dexterity situations

Falls Detection/Language Translation/Voice Command

Some hearing aids can notify a nominated family member by text should they detect you having a fall. Also, some hearing aids will transcribe and translate up to 26 languages, by reading the translation into your hearing aids.

You may also speak instructions to your hearing to turn it up or down. Some device also enable you to connect to a virtual assistant.

Health Application
As motion detectors have been installed in some hearing aids your movement and overall health can be monitored and reported to you with great accuracy. The detectors enable falls detection and instant alerts with other features being able to translate languages and connect to a virtual assistant. These advances show that a hearing aid can be a productivity tool improving our lives enormously.