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The Employee Assistance Fund is intended to provide support for eligible individuals with a disability to obtain work related equipment, workplace modifications, assistance and support services. In the hearing impaired context the equipment support relates to items other than hearing aids, to assist them perform more effectively in their work environment. Applicants may be seeking employment, have a job or be self employed. Importantly you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. 

Some examples of equipment that can be obtained might be a special work telephone, a hearing aid accessory such as a remote control or remote microphone. Medical practitioners and Nurses have also received amplified stethoscopes to assist in the performance of their work duties.

ACE Audiology can assist in recommending specific accessories that can assist you in your employment. You will require our Hearing Assessment Report and Hearing Test results for your application as well as a letter of support from your employer. ACE Audiology has also created a simple step by step guideline to help you access the fund.

For more information regarding the Employee Assistance Fund contact ACE Audiology. You may also review eligibility and general guidelines at the following link:

Employee Assistance Fund information