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Tinnitus Assessment

Tinnitus Assessment

It is important that the nuances of each individual’s tinnitus be explored in detail starting with a diagnostic hearing assessment. In many cases a finer examination of the cochlear function can be conducted to ascertain its health at a more sensitive level than the audiogram using Otoacoustic Emissions. Matching the pitch, tonal qualities and perceived loudness can be helpful to establish a tangible benchmark for afflicted individuals as well as to monitor for changes that may occur across time.

Thorough histories are also important to ascertain if there may be environmental factors, disease conditions or medications that may be contributing to the causation of the tinnitus treatment.

ACE Audiology Melbourne will be pleased to conduct the necessary assessments that can lead to a tinnitus treatment approach. We do not suggest that your tinnitus can be removed but it is highly probable, that with time and persistence with treatment strategies, an overall reduction in tinnitus disturbance can be obtained and sustained.

Tinnitus Treatment

As the causation of tinnitus is not fully understood, so too there exist many competing claims as to what constitutes an effective tinnitus treatment. It is also unfortunately true that this encourages “snake oil” tinnitus treatments that do not have any particular merit or scientific validation. In one memorable instance a “salesman” promoted a device to me that beamed a laser down the ear canal. He was not able to produce any evidence of its mechanism of action or any data as to its effectiveness. The only document he could provide was a dubious magazine article. Therefore, the tinnitus sufferer needs to be particularly wary of extraordinary claims appearing as advertisements in obscure publications purporting to be a tinnitus cure all.

ACE Audiology Melbourne will spend the necessary time with you to assess your tinnitus care and, in combination with informational counselling, provide a range of strategies to reduce tinnitus disturbance. This may include masking methodologies ranging in complexity dependent upon need.

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