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The benefit provided by your private health fund for hearing aids will vary depending on the fund and table to which you are enrolled. Most private health funds do provide benefits for hearing aids that range between $400 to $1600.

Very few private health funds provide benefits for hearing tests, hearing aid batteries and hearing aid repairs. ACE Audiology is happy to provide some general guidance regarding your health fund benefit and to the benefits to which you may be entitled.

Independent Audiologist’s Australia, of which ACE Audiology is a member, has compiled a comparison table which can be found at the following link.

Private Health Insurance Benefits

As private health funds continuously update their tables, your particular fund may not be displayed. In this situation you will need to contact your private health fund for particulars.

A small number of funds rebate consultations and hearing aid servicing costs. Make note of the qualifying period to access hearing aid benefits and, for hearing aid acquisition, how frequently you can claim. Usually this is every five years but some funds allow this every three years.