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Bluetooth Hearing aids

Bluetooth Hearing aids

Hands Free Calling

In early 2022 two way Bluetooth connections between a Smart Phone and Hearing Aid became possible after major phone manufacturers released software updates to enable this technology. Now all hearing aid manufacturers have made the necessary firmware changes so that current and future users can take advantage of hands free smart phone operation.

This new technology enables hearing aid users to simply answer a call with a press of a button and leave their phone in their pocket or bag whilst continuing their conversation. As you no longer have to hold the phone in your hands or to your ear you are free to continue with other activities whilst enjoying the call.

TV and Audio Streaming to your Hearing Aids

What this means to you is that you will be able to connect directly to your smart phone audio or from a television streamer, directly into your hearing aids. This gives you your own personal headphones, tuned specifically to compensate for your degree and shape of hearing loss. Some modern televisions have built in Bluetooth that can connect directly to your hearing aids, or, alternatively, you can obtain a streamer that will perform that function.

Other possibilities exist including listening to anything audio on your phone, such as podcasts, radio streaming, music, audiobooks, TED talks, Netflix and so on. The real benefit to you is that you have an incredible lift in the signal quality to help you enjoy you audio streaming like never before and get more out of life.