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Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Removal
How do you know if you have ear wax build-up?

If you are a hearing aid wearer you will begin to notice ear wax adhering to you ear mould or dome when you remove it after a day’s use. You may also find that the output of the hearing aid is reduced or sounds muffled. Unfortunately wearing a hearing aid does tend to help accumulate ear wax in the hear canal so regular checking is important to save your hearing aid from damage by wax getting into the loudspeaker.

In some situations you may notice an ear ache, a reduction in your normal hearing acuity, acquire tinnitus or have sense of ear blockage.

Can you remove ear wax at home?

It is possible to remove ear wax at home however this is not advised unless you are well informed. There is a risk you make yourself dizzy, perforate your eardrum or be ineffectual in its removal.

It is far better to have ear wax removed by a professional who is skilled in the various methods or removing ear wax. Do not, under any circumstances attempt ear candling. It does not work and it can lead to serious burns. The discolouration you see after use is not from ear wax but rather a chemical placed within the ear candle that creates such an illusion.

Audiologists at ACE Audiology Melbourne have appropriate training in anatomy and physiology to be well place to understand the nature of your problem and to apply an appropriate management plan for you. Suction ear wax removal has emerged as the core technology for safely and comfortably removing ear wax. Hearing aid users often have complications affecting the performance of their devices, in particular the miniature loudspeakers (hearing aid receiver) in their ear canals can become blocked with ear wax or prematurely fail. An ear wax management program can extend the life and improve the performance of your hearing aids.

What is the best way to remove ear wax?

ACE Audiology Melbourne is equipped with three technologies that can assist  earwax removal.

  • Syringing is available at our clinic and is suitable for many individuals using a warm, soft and gentle electric water pump.
  • Wax rings for physical hand cremoval are also used under visual guidance to remove the wax particularly useful when there are hard clumps.
  • Suction ear wax removal is performed also on the more stubborn and also delicate earwax removal cases using an earwax suction device

Whatever your situation ACE Audiology Melbourne has a technology that can be selected for your particular situation. Get in touch with us or organise your appointment

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