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Connectivity – Beltone Imagine

Beltone Imagine Hearing Aid & Hearing Aid Accessories

The Beltone Imagine comes from the ReSound stable of hearing aids. ReSound, in conjunction with Apple, developed the connectivity standard with iPhones to enable calls to be heard through the hearing aid without an intermediary device. ReSound has also worked diligently to apply this technology collaboratively with Cochlear Implants enabling, for the first time, implantees the opportunity to hear efficiently when on mobile calls.

The Beltone brand is exclusively available to Independent Audiology business such as ACE Audiology

What Bluetooth Accessories does Beltone provide?

In addition to these groundbreaking technologies, Beltone has perhaps the best integrated suite of wireless accessories of any hearing aid manufacturer. Their accessories are cleverly crafted to cover off a range of listening needs in a consistent and cohesive design approach.

Beltone myPAL Pro – Remote Microphone Accessory

This small and sleek accessory opens a world of hearing enhancement in a range of difficult listening situations, such as hearing friends in a restaurant, colleagues at business meetings and lecture scenarios.

Having a friend or partner wear the myPAL Pro will transmit their voice as if they were speaking directly into your ear improving comprehension in noise to an amazing degree. Placing the myPAL Pro in a group environment such as an interview or committee meeting table sets the device into adjusting its microphone focus to the person speaking, moving to the next speaker and so on, all the while transmitting their voice into your ear improving your understanding of proceedings. At lectures you can place the mic on the podium and have it transmit to you seated in the audience. Reverse this as speaker and you can pass the Multi-mic around for Q and A. It even has an audio input socket so you can connect it to a TV or other audio source and transmit that as well! Nothing like your own personal headphones.

Beltone TV Streamer 2

The Beltone TV Streamer 2 enables you to connect to any audio source and transmit crystal clear sound from up to 7 metres. This is a dedicated device usually connected to your television. You can operate the TV streamer with a push button on the hearing aid or by activating it from your Belton “HearMax”   application on your smart phone. You can then control the streaming volume independently of the loudspeaker volume and adjust the surrounding room noise to suit giving you the utmost clarity in signal.

Beltone Remote Control 2

The Beltone Remote Control 2 enables you to control the operations of the hearing aid if you do not have or wish to use a smart phone controller. It is particularly helpful for those with manipulative difficulties and provides a clear display screen to enable you to visualize actions taken to control the ReSound Hearing Aid.

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