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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Some balance disorders can inflict permanent damage upon your semicircular canals and otolith organs (utricle and saccule) and/or the nerves that supply them. When this happens a process of central compensation occurs that serve to bring you back to near normal functional capacity. This relies on the fact the balance system has a duplicate substitute on the other side of the head that, in combination with other senses, can provide a back up.

The process of central compensation is not instant and for unknown reasons remains incomplete for some individuals. In these situations vestibular rehabilitation can assist the compensation process. It is not trying to repair the damage to the vestibular apparatus, but lean on other sensory modalities that contribute to balance overall. Using exercises that provoke imbalance help the cerebellum see errors and have it adjust what inputs it relies upon to keep us steady. This is just like learning a new motor skill, such as golf swing or tennis serve, each practice getting a little better.

Not all balance disorders  will respond to vestibular rehabilitation and ACE Audiology Melbourne is happy to make the necessary referrals in the appropriate situation.