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Hearing Tests and Other Services  

From 1 March 2023 Medicare rebates apply to hearing tests upon referral of a medical practitioner. Eligible pensions and their dependents may also have their hearing assessment funded under the Hearing Services Program.

What This Means For You

This means that when you undergo a hearing assessment recommended by your doctor, you can now enjoy a Medicare rebate, reducing the financial impact of these essential evaluations. These initiatives are designed to ensure that eligible people, who may face financial constraints, can access our high-quality hearing assessment services with greater ease.

Get Your Hearing Tested At ACE Audiology 

If you are looking for a Hearing Test we can assist you at our two state of the art clinics in Bulleen and Ivanhoe.  The following panels provide further information regarding how the ear functions, various test explanations and a range of other services we provide.

Hearing Test Age Guidelines for Different Age Groups

Understanding the appropriate hearing test age guidelines for various age groups is crucial in maintaining auditory health. For individuals between the ages of 18 and 50, it is recommended to undergo a baseline hearing test to establish a reference point. As people age, the likelihood of hearing issues increases, making regular tests essential.

Those in the 50-60 age bracket should consider scheduling hearing tests every two years. This proactive approach enables early detection and intervention, enhancing overall hearing wellness.

Don’t neglect the importance of addressing any changes in your hearing as you age; a hearing test age-appropriate schedule can significantly contribute to your long-term auditory well-being.

Book Hearing Test

Recognising the signs of hearing loss is the first step towards better auditory health. If you notice any changes in your ability to hear, it’s crucial to book a hearing test promptly. Booking a hearing test is a simple yet proactive measure that allows professionals to assess your hearing capabilities thoroughly.

By scheduling a hearing test, you take a significant step towards addressing potential issues and preserving your hearing health. Don’t delay; book a hearing test today to ensure a comprehensive evaluation and timely intervention if needed.

How to Schedule and Prepare for a Hearing Test Appointment

Scheduling a hearing test appointment is a straightforward process that can have a profound impact on your overall well-being. Be prepared to discuss any specific concerns or symptoms you may be experiencing.

Before your appointment, make a list of questions to ensure you gather all the information you need. Arrive on time and be ready to undergo a comprehensive hearing assessment. Taking these steps ensures a smooth and effective hearing test appointment, paving the way for better auditory health.

Frequency Hearing Test

Understanding the frequency hearing test is essential for monitoring and preserving your auditory health. This specialised test assesses the ability to hear sounds at different frequencies, helping identify potential hearing issues.

It is recommended for individuals of all ages, particularly those exposed to high-noise environments or with a family history of hearing problems.

Regular frequency hearing tests can detect changes in hearing capabilities early on, allowing for timely intervention. By incorporating frequency hearing tests into your routine, you actively contribute to maintaining optimal auditory function throughout your life.

High-Frequency Hearing Tests: Importance and Applications

High-frequency hearing tests play a crucial role in identifying and addressing specific auditory challenges. These tests focus on the ability to hear sounds at higher frequencies, which are often the first affected in cases of hearing loss. They are particularly relevant for individuals exposed to loud environments or those with concerns about age-related hearing decline.

The importance of high-frequency hearing tests lies in their ability to detect subtle changes in auditory function, allowing for targeted interventions. Stay proactive about your auditory health by incorporating high-frequency hearing tests into your regular check-ups, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your hearing abilities.

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At ACE Audiology, we provide a comprehensive hearing test to people of all ages, using the latest technology to identify a wide range of hearing problems. Visit our hearing clinic today to get a hearing test or to get a hearing aid. Contact us today to book an appointment. 


Where can I find free hearing tests?

Free hearing tests are often available at audiology clinics, community health events, or through government programs. Check with local healthcare providers or contact organisations offering hearing health services.

Are free hearing tests accurate?

While free hearing tests can provide valuable insights, their accuracy may vary. For precise results, consider professional assessments by audiologists. Free tests serve as initial screenings, guiding individuals to seek comprehensive evaluations when needed.

Who can benefit from a free hearing test?

Anyone concerned about their hearing can benefit from a free hearing test. These tests are especially helpful for individuals with limited resources, providing an initial assessment to determine if further evaluation is necessary.

What are the signs that I may need a hearing test?

Signs include difficulty understanding conversations, frequently asking for repetition, difficulty managing background noise, turning up the volume on electronic devices, and feeling isolated due to communication challenges. If you experience these, a hearing test can help assess your auditory health.

What if the free hearing test indicates a hearing problem?

If a free hearing test suggests a potential issue, it’s crucial to consult a professional audiologist. They can conduct a comprehensive assessment, identify the specific nature of the hearing problem, and recommend appropriate interventions, such as hearing aids or therapy.

What types of equipment are used in free hearing tests?

Free hearing tests often use basic equipment, such as headphones and calibrated sound sources. Some may employ online platforms or mobile apps. While these tools can provide initial insights, professional assessments with specialised equipment ensure accurate and thorough results.