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Objective Assessments

Objective Assessments

Objective hearing assessments do not require any co-operative input from your child in order to obtain information about the status of components of the hearing pathway.

Tympanometry, is one objective test, whose main purpose is to obtain information about the functioning of the middle ear. This is performed by placing a probe into the ear canal and measuring the reflected sound energy whilst varying the pressure. As such, the Audiologist obtains valuable information regarding the middle ear. In children under the age of seven, around 30% of children will experience congestion in that their ear drum is retracted or the middle ear may have an accumulation of fluid. This informs the audiologist to make the necessary referrals.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs) also require a small probe in the ear canal which sends and receives back sound that is the response of the hair cells in the cochlear, indicating whether or not a sensory hearing loss may be present. ACE Audiology Melbourne uses a diagnostic standard device, rather than a basic screener to provide precise information as to the strength of the emission and an image of the resultant waveform.

ACE Audiology Melbourne will employ one or both of these objective tests as may be indicated in the assessment.

As hearing is critical for speech and language development as well as learning we recommend you do not delay organizing a hearing evaluation. Please feel free to use the links on this web page to “Contact us” for further information or “Book Appointment” to request a preferred time.