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Privacy Statements

ACE Audiology respects your privacy. We collect personal information from you such as your private contact details (personal data) and also information related to your hearing status (health data).

From time to time we will provide your personal and health details to others such as your treating medical practitioner or other specialist to whom we may refer you. Further, we may need to communicate personal and health information to a hearing aid manufacturer in order to build and/or service any hearing instruments or alternative listening devices dispensed by us or others. Equally we are required to exchange claiming information with the Commonwealth Hearing Services Program and Medicare Australia.

At times we may acquire and use cookies on the ACE Audiology website that in turn may be used by other website entities that support our online marketing endeavours. If you do not wish this to arise you may disable them in your browser settings.  With your express consent, given by ticking an electronic consent or paper form, ACE Audiology may send you marketing information by various electronic means.  You may unsubscribe at any time.

At times you may require information, such as a hearing test, to provide to your doctor. You can obtain this information by simply asking your practitioner or via our online request. If for legal reasons we are unable to disclose information to you then we inform you as to the reasons why. Occasionally some costs may be incurred in retrieving some information and we would discuss these with you beforehand.

Your personal and health information is held in both hard copy and electronic formats which we take steps to safeguard from unauthorized access, misuse or disclosures.

Should you have any queries regarding your personal or health information or how it is been managed or have a complaint, please feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns. Usually a prompt conversation can resolve issues quickly.

If you are an online purchaser we will ask to confirm you have read and understood our privacy statement and allow you to elect to receive from ACE Audiology Special Offers, online magazine or other hearing health related communications. You may unsubscribe at any time in the future.