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Best of Everything – Starkey Evolv AI

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science in which machines can perform tasks typically requiring human intervention. They do so by receiving percepts from the environment and performing tasks accordingly. Narrow Artificial Intelligence, such as in the hearing aid, perform single or limited tasks very well. Examples of Narrow Artificial Intelligence are such things as Google Search or Image Recognition, just single tasks done well.

What is Artificial Intelligence in a Hearing Aid?

As per the description an Artificial Intelligence Hearing Aid will sense the acoustic environment, the wearer’s movement and their physiological status and make decisions. This is achieved by accelerometers in the hearing aid and other optional sensors in an ear mould.

What is the Best Hearing Aid with Artificial Intelligence?

Without a doubt the Starkey Evolv AI is the most comprehensive artificial intelligence hearing aid on the market today. Its accelerometers, placed on the head, within the hearing aid provide more accurate sensing.

What can the Evolv AI Detect?
The Evolv AI is the successor to the Livio Edge AI hearing aid.

The Evolve AI (Artificial Intelligence) hearing aid is able to track movement more accurately than a wrist worn health device.  The movement detection has enabled an algorithm to be developed that can detect a fall and the artificial intelligence makes a decision to text a nominated individual automatically if it is not first cancelled by the wearer.

By extension then, the Evolv AI Hearing Aid is able to monitor activity such as the number of steps and heart rate and pass this information to the Thrive Mobile Phone application to display the results. The Starkey Livio is the world’s first “Healthable” Hearing aid.

What other features does the Evolv AI have that help me?

First and foremost is an outstanding sound quality by using its propriety “Hearing RealityTM” sound processing to truly give the wearer the best sound quality in ever changing and complex noise environments. It is ranked amongst the best of its competitors.

The Evolv AI has a faster processor undertaking up to 55 Million adjustments per hour. The newer chip also has 40% less noise than previous models reducing the listening effort and improving comfort of the user.

Telehealth has been enhanced to allow remote hearing aid adjustment via the smart phone application. Reminders can also be set up in the application for regular or irregular tasks such as taking a medication or visiting a friend. Self check, has also been proven to be valuable when there is some question about the performance of the hearing aid microphone or speaker.

The Thrive application, resident on your Smart phone, integrates the information from the Evolv AI sensors to present you with body and brain tracking and a Brain Score. Starkey notes the correlation with living happier, healthier and longer lives with managed hearing health care and has taken an enormous step forward to integrate amplification with our core physiological functions.

What else can the Starkey Evolve AI hearing aid do?

Essentially the Evolv Hearing Aid connects you to the world via Amazon’s “Alexa” and Apple’s Siri to become a productivity tool for the wearer. It has a simple tap control to access its functions, allows you to customize the hearing aid for specific environments which can be geo tagged to activate automatically. In addition, it can translate and transcribe 27 languages and streams audio and mobile calls. What more could you want? Oh, it has a rechargeable option!

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