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Hearing Aids Near Fitzroy

If you’re looking to purchase quality hearing aids from a local Audiologist clinic near Fitzroy, choose none other than ACE Audiology as your go-to Hearing Care Provider. 

ACE Audiology is an independent family business based near Fitzroy (clinics near Fitzroy and Bulleen). We are dedicated to providing people of all ages – from babies, children, to adults and seniors – with improved hearing and enhanced quality of life.

Whether you’ve come to this page because you or someone you know is in need of a quality Hearing Aid – and you’re looking for a nearby Audiology clinic near Fitzroy – ACE Audiology is where you can find the right Hearing Aid that’s high quality, fits within your budget, and is easy to use based on your lifestyle.

Our Hearing Aid services include:

  • Free* Hearing aids for Pensioners and Veterans (*conditions apply)
  • Hearing aid fitting, fine tuning and servicing of all hearing aid brands
  • NDIS Registered for Hearing Assessment and Hearing Aid fittings. (**We have simplified the NDIS process for you and provide a free download for those interested in that potential funding source – see “Select Hearing Aid Buyers Guide 2020” for details)

Head to our Hearing Aids page to find out more.

We also provide Hearing Tests, Balance Tests, as well as many Other Services near Fitzroy. 

Table of Contents

Get the Best Hearing Aids For Your Needs

Types of Hearing Aids

Features & Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Brands Available at Ace Audiology

How to Buy the Best Hearing Aid That’s Right for You

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How We Help You Get The Best Hearing Aids Near Fitzroy – Suited For Your Needs

The right hearing aids are those that are adjusted and tailored by your professional Audiologist. At ACE Audiology, we provide Hearing Aids that are suitable for your unique needs and one that you’re truly happy with.

We help find your best or most suitable hearing aid should be based on: 

  • The extent of your hearing loss
  • Personal preferences 
  • Features that match your specific listening needs
  • Comfortableness with cosmetics and functionality 
  • Preferences in budget, prices, or cost

We’re here to make your Hearing Aid selection easier and done with complete peace of mind. Find out more about our Hearing Aids offered at ACE Audiology near Fitzroy below or get in touch by giving us a call today!

Types of Hearing Aids Available Near Fitzroy at ACE Audiology

There are two main types of Hearing Aids, these being:

  1. In-The-Ear
    In-the-ear devices range from the invisible completely in the canal up to a full in-the-ear style. The latter is less cosmetically appealing but fulfills a useful purpose when higher power is required or if manipulation may be difficult with anything smaller.
  2. Behind-The-Ear
    Behind-the-ear devices are often “open fittings” which mean the ear canal is not occluded with a conventional ear mould so it may breathe naturally. The benefit is that your own voice will sound natural. This is particularly important if your hearing is better than 40dB in the bass tones. The behind-the-ear device can vary in size if high power is needed.

Within these two types of hearing aids, there are also others such as 

  • Invisible Hearing Aids
  • Receiver in the Ear (RITE)
  • Livio Hearing Aids – The World’s First “Healthable” Hearing Aid

You can find more information about these hearing aid types at our Styles of Hearing Aids page. Or, feel free to call and we’ll be more than happy to discuss which type of hearing aid you can purchase in or near Fitzroy today!

Features & Benefits You Should Know When Buying Hearing Aids at ACE Audiology Near Fitzroy

The benefits of hearing aids reach far and wide, so ACE Audiology has elected to focus on the most common and useful features & benefits of Hearing Aids. These include:

  1. Rechargeability
    Lithium Ion battery technology is a sea change enabling the wearer to obtain a full day’s operation on one charge. Rechargeable hearing aids are much more convenient and particularly helpful for those who may struggle managing a small hearing aid battery.

  2. Bluetooth Connectivity
    Technological advances also mean you can connect your Smart Phone audio media or voice calls directly into the hearing aids without the need for an intermediary transposing device.

  3. Smart Phone Remote Control
    The Smart Phone screen will operate like a sophisticated remote control allowing the user access to many more functions than simple on-board controls. Adjusting the microphone focus and tuning treble and bass restore your ability to hear in noise or enjoy music and just some features you can access to make hearing easier.

  4. Health Application
    As motion detectors have been installed in some hearing aids your movement and overall health can be monitored and reported to you with great accuracy. This means your hearing aid can be a productivity tool to improve your health and day to day life enormously.

If you’re looking for a hearing aid near Fitzroy, Melbourne but not sure where to start or what features are best for your hearing needs, give us a ring today – we’re always happy and ready to help!

Our Hearing Aid Brands Available To Buy Near Fitzroy

There is an extensive range of Hearing Aid manufacturers and variations, so for simplicity, ACE Audiology is focussing on the core products of each manufacturer. Our selection is based on independent and our own clinical experiences. We are not obligated to press a particular brand, nor do we receive or pay commissions on any product sale. This is so that we can guarantee you are getting unbiased, high quality, professional and sound advice when it comes to choosing your Hearing Aid manufacturer or brand.

We supply the following Hearing Aid Brands & Manufacturers at our ACE Audiology clinic – based near Fitzroy:

Oticon  Bernafon Starkey  ReSound  Siemens – Sivantos – Signia  

Phonak Unitron


How to Buy the Best Hearing Aid Near Fitzroy That’s Right for You

ACE Audiology has created a select Hearing Aid Buyer’s Guide 2020 in order to simplify the process of obtaining an appropriate hearing solution for you near Fitzroy.

Select Hearing Aid Buyer’s Guide 2020

Our Hearing Aid Buyers Guide breaks down the choice into simple categories, derived from our clinical experience, to help you zero in on your priorities. If you find a product here that suits your needs or if you may have further queries please feel free to get in touch. We would be delighted to be of assistance to you.

Give us Call Today to Make Your Hearing Great Again!

If you’ve been searching online for ‘hearing aids nearby, ‘hearing aids around me near Fitzroy’ or ‘buy hearing aids near me near Fitzroy’, then look no further than ACE Audiology Melbourne – your trusted, independent, and professional Audiology clinic dedicated to providing superior patient care. Make your hearing great again by giving us a ring or getting in touch via our online Contact Us page!


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