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Healthable Hearing Aids

May 06, 2022

The Starkey® Livio AI Healthable™ hearing aid is the company’s latest smart hearing device, which is also known as ‘Healthable’ because it bridges the gap between healthcare and consumer technology.

Healthable hearing aids offer exceptional sound quality and act like headphones, streaming music and phone calls directly into your ears and also tracking mental and physical health and exercise.

The Healthable Hearing Aid does much more than help you hear better if you have hearing loss. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), your hearing aids may improve your health too. How can a hearing aid do that? Read on to find out!

How Does a Healthable Hearing Aid Work?

Your Healthable hearing aid uses Artificial Intelligence the way a smartwatch operates to track your health while you’re wearing it. The accuracy of the information provided by your Healthable is increased due to the hearing aid going inside the ear. Healthable hearing aids use the Thrive™ Hearing app, which monitors internal body and brain functioning. You can check out the results on your smartphone or computer. 

The Starkey Livio AI Healthable

Can My Healthable Hearing Aid Improve My Health?

To stay healthy, your lifestyle needs to include getting enough exercise and eating nutritious food. The Starkey® Livio AI Healthable hearing aid uses a 3D motion sensor similar to a Fitbit, Gyroscope or Accelerometer. The sensor can detect gestures and motion, accurately reporting your activity and steps. 

Should you have a fall, the Healthable hearing aid detects movement, so it can sense what happens and can send messages to the contacts you have previously provided in case you need help.  By wearing your Starkey® Livio AI Healthable™, you can be more independent, and your family can rest assured you are safe and, if necessary, get the help you need.

Healthable Does a Lot More Than Help You Hear

The Healthable is a multi-purpose hearing aid that can not only track your health but transcribes conversations and translates languages. For instance, say you’re at an important seminar, and the speaker is a fast talker; your Healthable can transcribe the talk so you can read it later. You won’t miss any critical information, and it is stored on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Healthable’s most important features include:

  • Hearing Care Anywhere
  • Fall Detection and Alerts
  • Brain/mental activity monitoring
  • Body Tracking
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Thrive Assistant
  • Reminders

Healthable Batteries are Rechargeable

Your Healthable hearing aid batteries are rechargeable, so there’s no more need to buy replacement batteries to ensure you always have some on hand. 

When you’re not using the Heathable batteries, you just keep them in the charging box. Having rechargeable batteries for your hearing aids means you save a lot of money over time because you don’t have to keep buying new batteries.

The Starkey Livio AI Healthable

If you want to know more about the Starkey® Livio AI Healthable™ hearing aids and if they might be right for you or to make a booking, call us at Ace Audiology on 03 9850 8888 in Bulleen and  03 9440 9409 in Ivanhoe.

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