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Cotton Buds and Ears Don’t Mix!

Jan 25, 2020

Ear wax accumulation in the ear canal is often aggravated by the use of cotton buds. The diameter of the cotton bud is only just smaller than that of the entrance to the ear canal. As we go deeper into the ear canal it tends to narrow even further. So if you probe into the canal you will retrieve a small fraction of ear wax but most will be pressed deeper into the ear canal causing a snowball effect.

The skin in the ear canal grows sideways and out from the eardrum. So if you press it deeper inadvertently with a cotton bud, it will have to start its journey again. Repeating a cotton bud cleanse will just make it worse. Its okay to use a cotton bud on the entrance to the ear canal but no more. 

ACE Audiology Melbourne is happy to assist those with ear wax accumulation with the variety of ear wax removal technologies that we have.

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