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Oticon Bernafon Hearing Aids

Oticon Bernafon Hearing Aids

No more struggling to understand the speech easily in parity with normal hearing capability. Now Ace Audiology has brought up life-changing technology Oticon hearing aids. These hearing aids foster confidence among the people with hearing disadvantage.
When the technology has developed and brought in uncountable facilities, then why stay behind because of hearing loss.
Oticon Hearing Aids are provided after thorough check up and doctor advice. In fact, the families in Bulleen are dependent on the doctors for the hearing loss treatment of their loved ones.

Why Choose Oticon Hearing Aids?
Oticon leads in the industry for its hearing aids and accessories throughout Bulleen
A leader in conducting scientific research related to hearing loss
Professionals help to set up and connect the equipment with software for enhanced hearing care

Each family contains a range of styles and performance levels

  • Oticon Opn S
  • Oticon Opn Play
  • Oticon Siya


  • Oticon Nera 2
  • Oticon Rechargeable
  • Oticon Xceed


  • Oticon Xceed Play
  • Oticon CROS


  • Bernafon Viron
  • Bernafon Zerena
  • Bernafon Mirum


  • Bernafon Leox (Super Power / Ultra Power)
  • Bernafon Supremia (Super Power BTE)

If you or anyone of your associates is suffering from hearing loss, then talk to us for a solution immediately.