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ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound LiNX Quattro is the smallest yet long-lasting discreet hearing aid. It is built with the longest-lasting battery. The hearing aids last for more than 24 hours. There is no need to be tensed with the batteries.

ReSound Pocket-Sized Power for All Time Usage
The ReSound LiNX Quattro utilizes the sound processing technology termed as “Smart Hearing”, and consists of the extended dynamic range as well as frequency response improvements. Utilizing a new radio feature, it is built with a special feature on minimum streaming time lag. Its chief feature is a strong wireless signal strength facilitating enhanced ear-to-ear performance and sound localization. Advanced speech processing is enabled by the new chip platform which helps in dramatic speech understanding improvement even in background noise.
Thus, ACE Audiology specializes in setting up the ReSound Linx Quattro so that the people in Bulleen can regain the confidence that defines them.

Each Resound Linx Quattro in Bulleen family contains a range of styles and performance levels.

  • ReSound LiNX Quattro (Rechargeable option)
  • ReSound LiNX 3D
  • ReSound ENZO 3D


  • ReSound ENZO2 (Severe to profound losses)
  • ReSound ENYA
  • ReSound Up Smart (Paediatric)

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