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The Four Levels of Hearing Loss and their Subsequent Treatment

Sep 16, 2020

hearing loss

Hearing loss has been affecting a large part of the society, but the fact making it prevalent is most people are unaware of this hearing loss conditions. The ones aware of the matter deny considering it as a serious matter, and the guiding factor to this behavior is the process of hearing loss is gradual that worsens with aging. So, it is quite late that the people actually realize they are suffering from hearing loss. Rather, the people discover it through their family and friends.

Identifying the problem is tough for the sufferer – they normally raise the TV or radio volume and request others to repeat during conversations. Hearing disabilities are serious as health problems, so to seek the right treatment, it is essential to recognize the hearing loss severity. The best decision is to visit the audiologist who can rightly guide the treatment according to the levels of hearing loss.

i. Mild Hearing Loss
When people suffer from hearing loss, then they can hear between 25 and 40 dB. They are unable to hear the soft sounds like a dripping faucet or ticking clocks. Even if they are able to follow the one-on-one conversation, yet it is difficult for them to catch all the words when the environment is noisy. Fortunately, hearing aids help in rectifying the mild hearing loss which is helpful in amplifying the low sounds and making them easy for hearing.

ii. Moderate Hearing Loss
The persons with moderate hearing loss are unable to hear sounds less than 40-75dB, they face difficulties to understand normal speech. They cannot listen to the telephone or doorbell. They even have difficulties in following and hearing the sounds during normal conversations. Based on their hearing health, the middle ear implants and similar hearing aids help to improve the moderate hearing loss.

iii. Severe Hearing Loss
People suffering from severe hearing loss face difficulties while following conversations without wearing the prescribed hearing aids. They cannot understand normal speed if they have not worn the hearing aids. In these instances, hearing aids are helpful but to improve the hearing ability efficiency, the most effective treatment is rectifying severe hearing loss through middle ear implants or cochlear implants.

iv. Profound Hearing Loss
The severe and significant level of hearing loss affects the people to suffer from hearing disparity to lose hearing sounds softer than 90-120dB. For these people, hearing aids are incomplete as they cannot hear the loud sounds, like fire alarms and airplane engines. They depend on visual cues, gestures, or lip readings and often prefer sign languages. The most effective solution to these situations is using a cochlear implant for individuals to hear and understand speech post-surgery and with suitable rehabilitation.

The hearing loss types and causes determine treatment. Audiologists follow the appropriate solution to treat the hearing loss conditions, which are in turn dependent on the hearing tests determining the hearing loss levels. Even if you are at slight discomfort at the hearing, the wise move is to consult the audiologists for apt guidance.

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