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Reasons to Choose Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Jul 30, 2022

There are many reasons to choose rechargeable hearing aids, with the most obvious being that you will have fewer worries about losing battery power. It’s reasonable to have some anxiety about the dependability of your devices and whether the marketing is genuine since the technology has such an impact on your quality of life. So it’s crucial that your aids are dependable, work properly and have good batteries. 

Your hearing aids are important and allow you to enjoy a conversation, watch a television show or movie and help you with working, shopping, volunteering or just getting on with your daily life. So it’s essential that you are aware of the reasons to choose rechargeable hearing aids that will suit you best. 


Lithium-Ion Batteries

A good reason to choose rechargeable hearing aids is that manufacturers are on top of their game when it comes to the latest technology. And since they are prioritising rechargeable hearing aids, they are likely to become the go-to technology in the future.

The reasons manufacturers are choosing to produce rechargeable hearing aids are based on the advancements in Lithium-Ion technology which has proven effective in power tools and is now adapted with great success in hearing aids.

The Bernafon Alpha 9 MiniRITE T R Model

While all the different hearing aid manufacturers have a version of the Lithium-Ion rechargeable hearing aids, here at ACE Audiology, we believe the Bernafon Alpha 9 MiniRITE T R model has achieved the right balance between operability, functionality and servicing.  The Bernafon models or rechargeable hearing aids are unique in that they are the only manufacturer in which you can change the Lithium Ion battery without having to send it away for repairs. Another plus is that the Alpha, Viron and Zerena families are available in a range of levels from one through nine thus offering multiple levels of investment.


Maintaining Rechargeable Hearing Aids is Easy

Another good reason to choose rechargeable hearing aids is their easy maintenance. These devices are reliable, and their dependability has increased over the past few years with the improvements in battery technology. 

However, as with most electronic devices, there are some simple maintenance tips for users that will improve their rechargeable hearing aids dependability.

  • Keep Your Rechargeable Hearing Aids Clean and Dry:

No matter how often you use them or how careful you are, your hearing aids will collect dust, wax, debris, and moisture, which can lessen the effectiveness of the aids and hamper recharging. 

So it’s best to make sure you keep your rechargeable hearing aids dry and clean, and this is especially important when you are plugging them into the charger. Just wipe them over regularly with a cloth or tissue and remove ear wax.

  • Keep Your Hearing Aids in the Charger:

You can increase the life of rechargeable batteries if you store your hearing aids in the charging station when you are not wearing them. 

Some people may think the batteries’ life span is lessened by charging them when they haven’t entirely drained of power. This is far from the truth. In fact, the life of your hearing aid battery can actually be increased by ensuring they are recharging when not in use. 

Many hearing aid wearers make a habit of plugging in their charger and placing it on the bedside table so they can charge their aids overnight and have a place to store them when they are not in use during the day. Make sure you don’t leave the house without them, however. 

  • Be Careful of the Wires:

Behind the ear, rechargeable hearing aids and chargers have wires, so whichever brand you choose, be aware of any wiring and ensure you don’t pull on them or hold them by the wiring. 


Recharge For Everyday Use 

For hearing aid wearers who have listened to all the reasons for giving up disposable batteries in favour of rechargeable hearing aids or rechargeable hearing aid batteries, knowing how long to charge their devices is important. If you don’t charge them fully, they won’t last you all day.  

As a general rule, all your hearing needs should be met if you place your aids on the charger once a day or overnight. As for how long to charge them, your Lithium-Ion batteries usually need only three to four hours to charge and should last with average use for 24 hours. 


Not Using Your Aids For Long Periods?

Another good reason to choose rechargeable hearing aids is that you can store them uncharged for months. Leaving your rechargeable hearing aids in the charger may not be the best advice if you plan on not using them for long periods. 

If you know you won’t be needing to wear your rechargeable hearing aid for several weeks or even many months, it’s best to unplug the charger and store it and your rechargeable hearing aid (or aids) in a cool, dry place until you need them again. 

To use them again, rest assured the rechargeable batteries will work again once you place them in the charger for the recommended charging time. 

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