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Hearing Amplifiers vs. Hearing Aids: Differences, Pros & Cons

Feb 02, 2023

Perhaps you are one of the many millions worldwide whose hearing loss means they’re wearing hearing aids as part of their lifestyle and for their hearing health. If so, you’re no doubt aware of the enormous benefits these devices can make to your world. You may also know that hearing aids do wear out over the years. And also, after a few months of getting used to your new devices, you could begin to notice some signs that a hearing aid adjustment may be needed.

The settings your hearing care professional chose for your specific problem to best suit your needs shouldn’t need to be changed. However, even if your hearing aid settings work okay, for better hearing, they may need a little tweaking. At ACE Audiology, we recommend regular fine-tuning of your hearing aids to ensure you get all the benefits possible from your devices.  

Can I Adjust My Own Hearing Aids?

Hearing aid wearers can adjust their devices at home, but we recommend letting a professional do the job. If you’re new to wearing hearing devices, your hearing care provider may have explained how you need up to a six-month adjustment period for better hearing. 

You also need a lot of patience to fully benefit from all the new sounds of everyday life, including background noise and environmental sounds that your brain has not had to deal with since your hearing loss occurred. 

Take time to become adjusted to your hearing aids

You may feel that your devices need adjustment when all you need is some time to become accustomed to wearing them. The first time you wear your aids, you’ll probably be slightly startled by the loudness of background noises and even your voice. Just remember, your hearing care professional has fitted you with the right devices for your needs based on the level of your hearing loss.

But if you feel anxious or worried that your aids need professional adjustments or you feel your hearing loss is not being addressed, don’t hesitate to call your hearing care provider. Your hearing health depends on fine-tuning your devices.

When do my hearing aids need a tune-up?

Audiologists often recommend that people wearing hearing aids make follow-up appointments to consult their hearing professionals at least twice a year. This should occur sooner if you feel pain or discomfort or have an increase in hearing loss. 

Here are the main signs that your hearing aid needs a professional adjustment: 

  • Your devices stop working

If your hearing devices stop working or no longer supply the expected sound quality, it doesn’t always mean you need new hearing aids. If yours are battery-powered, they might simply need new batteries, or your aids may need a tune-up.

You can also check the wire or tubing that connects the ear mould to the receiver. Excessive ear wax or dust can block the sound from passing through. Sometimes a replacement tube is needed.  

  • You hear a whistling sound

If your hearing aid emits a continuous, annoying whistling sound, the device could have a fault. The whistling could signal a build-up of earwax, as mentioned above, whether in your ears or the tubing. With constant whistling, try taking out your aids and having your earwax professionally cleaned out. 

If none of these options work, the problem might be simply from improper handling of your devices, so call your ACE Audiology hearing care professional for aid adjustments, advice or another hearing test.

  • The volume of your devices fluctuates

It’s a good idea to seek the help of your hearing aid provider if the volume on your device fluctuates; you sometimes can’t hear high-frequency sounds, or you only hear sounds intermittently. 

  • You suffer worse hearing loss

If you notice you have trouble hearing or your hearing loss is worsening, you may need another hearing test. Be sure to take your devices with you so they can also be assessed. If you’ve had your hearing aids for some time, they may no longer be the appropriate fit for you. 

Call on ACE Audiology for a hearing aid maintenance check 

Hearing aid adjustments are our speciality, so when your hearing aids need professional adjustments, if they no longer fit properly, or you experience any of the problems listed above, contact us today. 

Your hearing health is a team effort between you and our professionals at At ACE Audiology in Melbourne.  We can organise a hearing maintenance check for you at our Bulleen clinic on 03 9850 8888 or at Ivanhoe on 03 9440 9409. You can also stay in touch by using the online form.

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