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Bluetooth Hearing Aids: Everything You Need to Know

Apr 30, 2022

So, what are Bluetooth hearing aids? They’re revolutionary digital hearing aids with wireless technology to help you hear clearly and stream sound directly to your devices. Many hearing aid wearers are turning to Bluetooth technology for the sheer enjoyment they get from life when wearing a Bluetooth hearing aid.

Traditional hearing aids are bulky and now outdated, but you can buy new hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity in Australia at Ace Audiology. These hearing aids with a Bluetooth connection are smart and discreet and come with great Bluetooth capability. 

For instance, you can connect to your compatible wireless accessories, electronic devices,  and Android or Apple devices. Read on to find out what’s new in hearing aids Australia-wide and why a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid from Ace Audiology could be the right choice for you.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids Benefits

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids are a real game-changer when it comes to helping hearing-impaired people enjoy a better quality of life. For example, with wireless technology, the signal from your television, and audio from your iPhone, Android mobile phone or laptop can be wirelessly transmitted directly into your Bluetooth hearing aid. And with Bluetooth streaming, you can receive the audio into one or both ears!

No need for messy cords or batteries

There’s no need to plug in a cord to connect to the television or Android devices the way you did with non-Bluetooth hearing aids, so that’s a great benefit. Plus, you can also get hearing aids Bluetooth rechargeable, so there’s no need for a hearing aid battery that has to be changed or that runs out at the word possible time. Just place your hearing aids on the charger overnight. 

Change the volume easily

With Bluetooth connected hearing aids you can set them to the volume you choose, so that’s another advantage of Bluetooth hearing aids available in Australia. You can easily adjust the volume if you enter a quieter room or one with a lot of background noise. In older hearing aids, the signal stays at a certain level. Check with a hearing care professional at Ace Audiology to find the hearing aids with Bluetooth that is right for you.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids Cost

There are many brands of Bluetooth hearing aids on the market but you need a hearing care professional to buy the right Bluetooth hearing aids for you since everyone is different and your level of hearing loss is important to consider. 

It’s also important to know that some Bluetooth hearing aids are made for iPhone hearing, some with Android, and some are compatible with both audio devices. At Ace Audiology, we can help make sure you get the most affordable hearing aids and those that match your devices.

Hearing Aid Prices

You can get fully subsidised hearing aids if you’re eligible through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (1). Others ineligible under this program may be able to get a free hearing aid upgrade, but check the website’s portal to see if you’re eligible. 

Our hearing professional at Ace Audiology can help you buy Bluetooth hearing aids if you aren’t eligible for either of these programs. The costs can range from $3,000 and upwards a pair. We can advise you on the best Bluetooth hearing aids available in Australia.  Call us today at Bulleen on 03 9850 8888 or Ivanhoe on 03 9440 9409




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