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Bluetooth Hearing Aid Problems And How To Fix Them

Apr 30, 2022


Yes, we’ve hailed Bluetooth connectivity for your hearing devices as revolutionary, and it certainly is, with many benefits and better control. But like all technology and machinery, sometimes the damned thing doesn’t work. The Bluetooth hearing aid problems usually aren’t your hearing aids but Bluetooth accessibility or interference. So let’s look at some troubleshooting and find out why Bluetooth refuses to work or stream audio just when you need it most – and try for some simple fixes.

If you’re setting your new device to get connected to Bluetooth for the first time and want to know how they are paired, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Their troubleshooting guide can solve most problems in a device and explain the settings icon or menu for your particular hearing aid.

The Problem With Bluetooth Connectivity

There were some connectivity and accessibility issues with some Made For iPhone hearing devices in the past – they often dropped their connection to the phone – but most device brands and hearing aid manufacturers are now on top of that problem. 

But for no reason that’s apparent, Bluetooth still makes life hard for some people with hearing loss, especially with the Made For iPhone hearing aids and devices operated by the Apple system. And let’s face it, Apple can be a bit less than perfect at times. An Android phone is not exempt from problems with hearing devices either.  

Although the connectivity issues have lessened to a great extent, the problems with Apple updates to their phone system and the devices still occur. As mentioned, the interference and accessibility problems are with Bluetooth, so they probably won’t disappear entirely. So, be aware that from time to time and for no reason, you might have a problem connecting hearing devices to Bluetooth, so check out our troubleshooting checklist below.

How to Fix the Problems with Bluetooth Hearing Devices 

Nothing is perfect, so don’t be surprised if your Bluetooth has a glitch and you don’t have any accessibility or your hearing aids won’t work. It’s not pleasant, but it can be sorted since, in most cases, it’s usually a minor fix due to interference. Firstly, make sure you’re running the latest apps, that your hearing aids have the correct firmware and that the software is the most up-to-date.  

Despite these general maintenance tasks, problems might occur with connected devices, streaming audio or listening, so check out the following troubleshooting list:

  • Issues with pairing your devices:

Pairing mode, which is connecting your hearing aids to another Bluetooth device, is around 90 per cent of the problem when you have connectivity issues, so have a look at the following checklist:

  1. Make sure you’re in range, so get as close to your phone as possible. 
  2. Place hearing devices on top of the phone and ensure you’re not trying to pair your phone while your aids are in your ears. 
  3. Are your hearing aids and Bluetooth turned on?
  4. Check the settings to make sure both are discoverable.
  5. Make sure you don’t need to enter a code. And that your device is not in aeroplane or insecure mode. 
  6. Always turn your hearing aids off, then back on again straight away before pairing.
  7. Is there any interference from any electronic devices or a wi-fi router?

If the checklist is ok, and you still have problems, try to restart both devices.

  • You have audio streaming only in one ear: 

Your body can sometimes get in the way of the audio streaming so if this occurs, try moving your phone to another location which can often fix the problem. If the problem persists, try turning your Bluetooth off, then back on again, which can often fix it. No? Okay, try turning your hearing aids off, then back on again. If all else fails, you need to consider restarting your phone and pairing your hearing aids and phone once again. This will generally solace all issues. 

If you are still having problems, call Ace Audiology. We can help solve the problem for you and have your Bluetooth hearing aids up and running again.

  • The apps just won’t connect:

Turn your hearing aids on and then off, and try to connect. Then try turning the phone’s Bluetooth off and on again. If this doesn’t work, ‘forget’ the devices in the Bluetooth list on your phone and in hearing aid apps. Start from scratch and restart the phone and pair your hearing aids to it again.


A bit more troubleshooting info: No matter which brand of phone you have, in your settings menu, there will be a Bluetooth sub-menu.  When turning your Bluetooth off and on, just go to that section in the menu and click on the slider. Wait a minute or two, then click the slider again to switch it back on.

Our hearing professional at Ace Audiology can help you with any Bluetooth hearing aid troubleshooting interference or accessibility issues and advise you on the best Bluetooth hearing aids available in Australia.  Call us today at Bulleen on 03 9850 8888 or Ivanhoe on 03 9440 9409, so we can answer your questions.

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