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Visual Reinforcement Audiometry

Visual ReinforcementAudiometry

From the age of about 6 months, when a baby can sit and have head control, a sound field methodology using illuminated puppets as a visual reinforcement works a treat.

Initially the child sits in a fixed position and is distracted by toys. At an appropriate time in their “play” a loud test tone is presented at the same time as an illuminated puppet appears in the window. This is the conditioning phase. Several conditioning presentations are made.

Next the test tone is present softly without a puppet reward. The child, now being conditioned to associate the puppet with a sound, turns looking for puppet in the window. It is then upon head turn that the puppet reward is provided, thus reinforcing the desired behavior.

Across several trials a picture of the child’s  hearing ability can be determined. Whilst it is sometimes feasible to perform this procedure with headphones very often they are quickly rejected by the child and may cause upset. It is therefore usually not attempted unless a significant hearing loss is first noted and individual ear information is deemed necessary.

As hearing is critical for speech and language development as well as learning we recommend you do not delay organizing a hearing evaluation. Please feel free to use the links on this web page to “Contact us” for further information or “Book Appointment” to request a preferred time.