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Tympanometry has been a very reliable and efficient method of assessing the health of the middle ear. Problems with the middle ear lead to conductive hearing losses, which is usually amenable to treatment.

A probe is placed in the ear canal and the pressure is varied slightly to see how ear drum sound reflection changes. When it is stiffened with a positive pressure it reflects a lot. The pressure where it is least reflective is its optimal pressure for sound transmission through to the cochlear. So indirectly we can measure the pressure in the middle ear or if fluid is present.

This test is used frequently in children as they are more prone to middle ear congestion, with fluid accumulating in the middle ear. This is an objective test and can quickly indicate the status of the middle ear and if it is contributing to a hearing loss.

As hearing is critical for speech and language development as well as learning we recommend you do not delay organizing a hearing evaluation. Please feel free to use the links on this web page to “Contact us” for further information or “Book Appointment” to request a preferred time.