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Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD)

Children, who struggle academically, without obvious explanation, are often found to have an Auditory Processing Disorder. Upon analysis of a child’s auditory abilities a range of deficits can often be determined. Difficulties ranging from short term auditory memory, auditory sequencing, spatial listening, speech integration and speech in noise amongst other issues can be identified. Once identified appropriate interventions can be devised, implemented and then re-evaluated to determine success or the necessity of modification in approach. 

It is important all children with suspected Auditory Processing Disorders have a hearing assessment to exclude any peripheral hearing difficulties before therapy is commenced.

The Listen and Learn Centre is a specialist diagnostic and treatment centre for individuals experiencing Central Auditory Processing Disorders. Interested readers will find a wealth of relevant information on their website at

A fuller explanation of CAPD is can be found in our “Other Services” tab. 

As hearing is critical for speech and language development as well as learning we recommend you do not delay organizing a hearing evaluation. Please feel free to use the links on this web page to “Contact us” for further information or “Book Appointment” to request a preferred time.