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Hearing Test Near Templestowe Lower

If you’re looking for all-round, comprehensive, and convenient hearing tests near Templestowe Lower, then you’ve come to the right place!

ACE Audiology is your local, independent family-owned Audiology clinic dedicated to providing friendly and professional hearing tests for individuals of all ages – from babies, children, to adults and seniors.

With a proper hearing test at ACE Audiology, we help you not only hear clearer and better but assist in improving the quality of your life as well.

At ACE Audiology, we offer Adult Hearing Tests, as well as Hearing Tests for Children (including Paediatric Hearing Tests) – all tailored and specially designed to provide a highly comprehensive assessment of hearing health. 

Find out more about our Hearing Tests near Templestowe Lower at ACE Audiology below – or if you’d like to have a chat simply call us on or leave a message online and we’ll be in touch with you right away!

Table of Contents

Adult Hearing Tests near Templestowe Lower

Hearing Tests for Babies & Children near Templestowe Lower

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Adult Hearing Tests Near Templestowe Lower at ACE Audiology

Our Adult Hearing Tests near Templestowe Lower at ACE Audiology includes the full suite of test equipment for basic and advanced hearing tests, hearing aid fitting and hearing aid fine tuning.

Our Hearing Tests also cover off a wide range of hearing loss frequencies as well and speech discrimination in quiet and noise, inclusive of middle ear tests.

In particular we provide diagnostic standard otoacoustic emission hearing tests, to look at the fine structure of your outer hair cells.

Some of the key testing involved in Adult Hearing Tests at ACE Audiology include:

  • Speech Discrimination
  • Tympanometry And Acoustic Reflexes
  • Otoacoustic Emissions
  • Hearing Tests In Noise
  • Acoustic Reflex Testing

(As well as much more)

For more information, head to our Adult Hearing Tests page – or give us a ring and we’d be more than happy to assist!

Hearing Tests for Infants & Children Near Templestowe Lower at ACE Audiology

At ACE Audiology, we provide friendly, tailored, and professional hearing tests for children of all ages from infancy upwards. Our hearing tests for children are carried out using various objective, behavioural and subject methodologies. 

We understand that the type of hearing test kids can perform vary based on age and cognitive development. For instance, very young infants do not respond to pure tones but rather pay attention to more complex sounds. To work around this, we use a range of noisemakers so as to observe behavioural changes when performing hearing tests for kids in order to assess their hearing, backed up by objective measures as well.

Check out our Hearing Test for Children page for more information. Or, for any other questions about our Hearing Tests for Children near Templestowe Lower, simply give us a call!

Paediatric Hearing Tests for Infants and Toddlers

At ACE Audiology, we use a sound field equipped with a puppet theatre to test infants and toddlers who are old enough to sit but too young to perform a hearing test under headphones. An illuminated puppet appears as a reward for responding to a sound after a brief session of conditioning the response. Above the age of three, most children will accept headphones and can be trained to perform “play audiometry” using a peg board or other activity.

We may also conduct a number of objective tests that do not require the cooperation of the child. This includes Tympanometry, which looks for fluid in the middle ear and Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs) that test the health of the inner ear. OAEs are used in hospital nurseries to screen the hearing function of newborns and have proven highly reliable, efficient and effective.

Hearing Tests for Children

Generally, children within this age group do not like headphones, so testing is performed in a Sound Field, to obtain hearing test results without headphones. This, in combination with objective measures, enables our Audiologist to determine a picture as the hearing status of your child.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Hearing Tests for Children at ACE Audiology – conveniently located near Templestowe Lower – get in touch today.

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