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Siemens Sivantos Hearing Aids

Siemens Sivantos Hearing Aids

ACE Audiology Melbourne is pleased to provide Signia Hearing Aids in Bulleen. Sivantos is the company that now owns the former Siemens Hearing Instruments. Its main brand is Signia with a number of hearing aid families the cover off rechargeability, invisibility and Bluetooth Connectivity to media, mobile phones as well as enable detailed control by the user of the hearing instruments they wear. Telecare remote assistance is also available in select models.

ACE Audiology Melbourne would be delighted to speak with you should you have any queries. Each family of hearing aids has varying levels of sophistication creating numerous price points to suit any budget.

Each family contains a range of styles and performance levels

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia Xperience

Signia Styletto

Signia Cellion


Signia Nx

Signia BiCROS

Signia Rechargeable


Signia Silk

Signia Insio