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Are long wear hearing aids worth considering?

Much is said for long wear Invisible-In-The- Canal (IIC) hearing aids. These do have a place in the hearing market due to their convenience and obvious cosmetic appeal and overcome issues with occlusion often seen in ITC hearing aids. The appeal of invisibility and no batteries is a compelling clarion call to those with hearing loss and thinking of upgrading. As it is a subscription hearing aid, where you dispose of the aid after its internal battery is flat, you will need to continue making purchases, annually, forever and visit your Audiologist regularly. The cost differential is then hard to justify compared to a conventional BTE or ITC fitting and it is quite possible your ear canal may be too small or you hearing loss to great to benefit. ACE Audiology is interested in this space as technology will bring down the level of investment required and probably a degree of reusability/rechargeability will prevail in the fullness of time.