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Vibe Air Self-Fit Hearing Aid Kit

The Vibe Air, manufactured by Signia, is designed to address a market segment of mild hearing impairment. These individuals are not quite ready for full-time hearing aid use but seek something that is discreet looking, and that’s why the Vibe Air in-the-canal, one-size-fits-all no-frills, self-fit hearing aid kit is suited for café/small group type situations at an affordable entry price.

The kit comprises two hearing aids, one for the left ear and one for the right, along with accompanying accessories. This advanced and discreet hearing device is innovatively designed to be so discreet that even your closest friends won’t be aware of it. If you want to experience effortless, imperceptible, and improved hearing, reach out to a hearing specialist at Ace Audiology.

Is Vibe Air Right For You?

Are you starting to have trouble hearing? Vibe Hearing Aids are a state-of-the-art hearing aid tailored to individuals over the age of eighteen who are otherwise healthy individuals, showing the first signs of mild to moderate hearing loss.

Its small size ensures that no part of the device protrudes from the ear, eliminating interference with any glasses, mobile phone, or daily activities. Although it lacks many advanced features you find in hearing aids, Vibe Air self-fit hearing kit can be a useful transition for those on the cusp of requiring a more formal hearing loss solution. 

Please note that Vibe Air hearing aids are not recommended for those with severe hearing loss.

Why Choose Vibe Hearing Aids

Besides the glowing good reviews, the Vibe Air hearing aid is a cheaper, self-fitting hearing aid as opposed to other hearing devices on the market, which makes them a popular choice amongst those whose hearing health is starting to decline.

Whether you are the primary care provider or you are someone experiencing hearing loss, Vibe Air Hearing Aids are over-the-counter hearing devices, meaning you can acquire them without a formal fitting or prescription.

If you have mild hearing loss, then here are some of the reasons you need Vibe Air hearing aids:

  • Easily customisable via the Vibe smartphone app
  • Easily control the sound balance and adjust the volume, bass and treble sounds
  • Connects to any mobile phone
  • Personalised to your hearing comfort
  • Small and discreet

What’s In the Kit?

When you purchase a pair of Vibe hearing aids, you can expect the following in its box set:

  • 2 Vibe Air Hearing Aids (left and right)
  • Vibe Jewel Case
  • 6 Batteries (size 10)
  • Click Sleeves in four sizes to your ear size
  • Vibe Care Tools (Brush, Cleaning Towel)
  • Vibe Quick Start Guide & User Manual
  • 1-Year Product Warranty
  • 2 Year Product Support

Vibe Hearing Aid Battery Life

The Vibe Hearing Aid is a state-of-the-art medical device. With its exceptional performance and reliability, one of its standout features is an impressively long-lasting battery life, providing up to an estimated 75 hours of continuous usage on a single charge.

This extended battery life ensures you can rely on your Vibe Air Hearing Aid throughout your daily activities without worrying about frequent recharging.

The Vibe Smartphone App

Available on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play, the Vibe smartphone app is an easy way that can easily control the hearing aids from your smartphone. The Vibe App offers a simple and convenient method to control your hearing aids and can effortlessly adjust the volume and sound equaliser with just one tap. If the background noise is too loud or you feel you can’t hear the person speaking in front of you, with the Vibe App, you can easily adjust both hearing aids, left and right.

Award Winning Hearing Device

The Vibe Air hearing aid has been honoured with a CES Award, celebrating its groundbreaking technology and innovation for One Microphone Beam TechnologyTM. This vibe air hearing aid enables exceptional speech recognition and the ability to focus on the person speaking in front of you, all while the Vibe Air hearing aids remain hidden and concealed within the ear.

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