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Patricia K - Fitted in 2014

"Dear Dr Galt,

Thank you for all the work you have carried out on my hearing aids. Your understanding of my hearing loss and the time you have spent on getting the right tones and levels has enabled me to now hear 100% better than ever before.

I have in the past attended two other hearing clinics but was never happy with the results. So again I thank you for my being able to understand conversations and watch my favourite TV shows and hear the dialogue

Yours sincerely"

Patricia K

Jim R - Fitted in 2013

"I have suffered hearing loss problems for more than twenty years. For almost an equal number of years I have also suffered hearing aid problems. The aids I have been fitted over time have never been satisfactory. Either they were too loose in my ears and kept dropping out or too tight and caused severe soreness, or there was feedback (whistling), distortion and other faults. I drifted from supplier to supplier but never found complete satisfaction.

However, all this changed when I first visited Dr Yaz. Her initial examination and testing was considerably more extensive than I had experienced elsewhere. Her keen attention to everything I said to her was amazing. Her refusal to write me off befer SHE was totally satisfied was impressive. I now have hearing aids like I have never had before. I hear conversations, even in noisy environments: i hear television and music like I haven't hear in years and all that without costing me a fortune.

From my most pleasant experience, I cannot recommend Dr Yaz highly enough. Don't go elsewhere. Get it right the first time - go to ACE Audiology".

Jim R

Boris L - Fitted in 2012,

"I wish to thank you for your friendly attention to detail during testing for my hearing parameters and explaining to me the needs for hearing aid of high quality and performance. 

You willingly answered my questions and explianed the extent of my hearing loss on the PC graphs and also the need for the full spectrum amplification so taht I can play my guitar, and I am very pleased with the outcome. 

I aslo appreciated a number of free unrestriced vissits I have been allowed, for additional testing, due to my unusually high level of low frequency hearing spectrum that needed suppressing when driving a car.

Previously, I have had an attempt to get a hearing aid fitted elsewhere and the attempt failed due to the audiologist being unwilling or unable to communcate.

Yazdaneh, you are patient operator with high level of competence and you have answered my many questions. I appreciated your concentrated attention to ensure that I get the hearing aid tuned just right for me My hearing aids changed my life.

I thank you."

Boris Lester, Dipl. Mech Eng. 

Mavis June K - Fitted in 2013,

"I am very happy with ACE Audiology, the staff are lovely,always helpful and caring, and nothing is too much trouble. I would recommend them to anyone".

Iris L - Fitted in 2012,

Iris is a happy customer seen here at her review of completely-in-the-canal hearing aids at Ace Audiology. Iris marvelled at the ability to hear her son and daughter without having to strain. In turn they were surprised that she spoke at a normal volume now she was able to monitor the loudness of her own voice through the hearing aids.

Iris looks forward to interacting with family and friends much more now that she can hear. Television is already at a normal and comfortable volume for others. She is so glad that people don’t seem to be whispering anymore.

Iris’s grand kids were astonished at being able to speak easily with Gran but they are a bit worried she might be able to hear everything they say from now on!

Iris later sent a text  thankyou! "A big thank you for all your help. I appreciate it. God bless you".

Homayoun N - Fitted in 2014,

"Meeting Dr Galt changed my life forever. As a journalist, I feel great to be able to communincate again and I owe this to Yazdaneh and ACE Audiology".