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Snore and Swimmer's Plugs

Snore and Swimmer's Plugs

Sleep blissfully with custom made snore plugs

It is often an evident scenario to spot individuals snoring vigorously, either in short periods or sometimes all night long. This noisy act causes extreme disturbances to those who sleep in the same room or in the surrounding ambience, thus causing hindrance in the form of sleepless nights for many. To help you block the snoring noises of family members and enjoy a blissful sleep, we at Ace Audiology have mastered the art of designing high-efficiency custom made snore plugs in Melbourne.

It is indeed difficult for you to put yourself to sleep when you hear the variations of snoring noises around you, while you would hesitate to wake your loved ones up while they are slumbering peacefully. With the custom-made snore plugs, you could let them sleep restfully and also enjoy a sound sleep yourself. The snore plugs are extremely effective in blocking out the snoring modulations and letting you sleep wonderfully well. They are also designed with features that will not put excessive pressure on the ear whilst resting on a pillow, thus assuring you of comfort during sleep.

Experience less worrisome nights with custom made snore plugs

ACE Audiology Melbourne manufactures custom snore plugs in-house, within a few hours of the impression being taken. We achieve this by using self-curing materials, sparing a few hours for the external sealing coat to set. We know from experience how to craft the ear cast for comfort and retention. If you suffer from snore exposure then custom snore plugs are the optimal solution to a good night’s rest. ACE custom manufactured snore plugs are comfortable, effective and at an affordable price for peace of mind at night!

Trusted source to get quality snore plugs

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