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Special Offer

Unitron Moxi 2 Pro

Unitron Moxi 2 Pro
$5,600.00 $4,200.00 View Details
Very Special Online Offer Moxi 2 Family

The Moxi2 Pro is Unitron's flagship Receiver-in-the-Canal hearing instrument boasting the full suite of advanced features typical for a premium aid of this calibre.

At this amazing price the instruments come fitted and reviewed with a 30 day money back guarantee and 3 year warranty.

Feature set includes the following

  • 20 Adjustable Sound Processing Channels
  • Speech Zone 2
  • Binaural Phone
  • Automatic Adaption Manager
  • Wireless Streaming programs (TV/Mobile/Remote Microphone)
  • Feedback Management
  • Level Dependent Speech Enhancement
  • Anti Shock
  • Data Logging/Data Learning/Self Learning
  • Tinitus Masker
  • Wind and Noise Reduction
  • Optional Accessories (UniFi wireless system, Smart Remote Control)

Purchasers must attend ACE Audiology for a diagnostic assessment to exclude medically treatable conditions. There is no additional fee for a diagnostic assessment performed by ACE in conjuction with a hearing instrument purchase. An audiogram supplied to ACE performed in the last 12 months will be adequate for purposes of prescription fine tuning.

Starkey Soundlens IIC Series 3 Level 110

Starkey Soundlens IIC Series 3 Level 110
$5,600.00 $4,800.00 View Details
Truly Invisible

The Soundlens, invisible-in-the-canal hearing instrument is an extraordinary device that fits snugly into the ear canal rendering it invisible to the naked eye and completely unobtrusive to the wearer. You can simply put it on and go about your usual activities without giving it a second thought except when it reminds you that its time to change the battery!

Its feature set is outlined briefly below.

  • 16 Channels of Sound Imaging
  • 5 Levels of Acoustic Scene Analysis
    • Machine
    • Speech in Noise
    • Wind
    • Speech
    • Noise
  • Binaural Spatial Mapping
  • iQ Boost
  • Purewave Feedback Eliminator
  • Spectral iQ (frequency lowering algorithm)
  • Soundpoint (user assisted fine tuning)
  • Self Learning
  • 3D Speech Mapping

Siemens ACE binax 7bx Receiver in the Ear

Siemens ACE binax 7bx Receiver in the Ear
$5,800.00 $4,500.00 View Details
Limited Time Only

The Siemens ACE binax 7bx is one of the  premium instruments in their range boasting better than normal hearing. The ACE binax achieves this by leveraging its ear to ear technology to create a virtual array of microphones that produces extraordinary results.

The Siemens ACE binax also comes in models 5bx and 3bx.

The ACE binax 7bx provides the following feature set

  • 48 Channels
  • 20 Gain Handles
  • easyTek Mobile Phone Application
  • 6 selectable acoustic programs
  • Speech Focus
  • TruEarTM
  • Frequency compression (bring high frequencies into audible range)
  • eWindScreen
  • Extended Bandwidth
  • Feedback Cancellation
  • Directional Speech Enhancement
  • SoundSmoothingTM
  • Speech and Noise Management
  • Sound equaliser
  • Data Logging
  • Learning
  • Acclimatisation Manager
  • Static and Ocean Wave Tinnitus maskers

The ACE binax is also compatible with a range of Accessories

  • easyPocket (Remote Control)
  • VoiceLink (personal microphone)
  • easyTek (bluetooth connector)
  • easyTek (mobile phone application)