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Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens PURE binax 3bx Receiver in Ear

Well-equipped Pure Binax device for refined hearing

Amidst conversation you would love to comprehend to every single word rather than just hear a fraction of it. Many personal and business discussions arise in noisy environments and understanding the nuances of each spoken word can be critical to your overall understanding. To aid with hassle free listening, we at Ace Audiology are able to prescribe and dispense the Siemens Pure Binax device. These hearing instruments combines the synergy of four microphones into a quad array enabling high resolution focusing of speech in noise like no other can provide.

One device equipping multiple functions

The minute appearance of the device appeals to every discerning wearer, with the next generation sound technology, the device offers outstanding advantages. The Siemens Pure Binax is available in 7bx and 5bx models. Here is the glimpse of the features of Ace Binax 7bx:

  • 24 Channels
  • 12 Gain Handles
  • 6 individual hearing programs
  • easyTek Mobile Phone Application
  • narrow directionality in 3 levels (automatic beam forming or selectable)
  • Spatial configurator for span and direction via easyTek application
  • 6 selectable acoustic programs
  • TruEarTM
  • Frequency compression (bring high frequencies into audible range)
  • eWindScreen in 1 levels
  • Feedback Cancellation
  • 1 level of SoundSmoothingTM
  • Speech and Noise Management in 3 levels
  • Data Logging
  • Learning in 1 level
  • Acclimatisation Manager
  • Static (12 handles) and Ocean Wave Tinnitus maskers
  • The PURE binax is also compatible with a range of Accessories
  • easyPocket (Remote Control)
  • VoiceLink (personal microphone)
  • eCharger
  • easyTek (bluetooth connector)
  • easyTek (mobile phone application)

Ace Audiology - your first resort for all hearing disabilities

It is well known that the hearing ability deteriorates with aging; however with Ace Audiology by your side you will not have to worry. Ace Audiology, offers hearing aids for pensioners, available free of charge under the Office of Hearing Services program. You can also opt for sophisticated Widex Hearing aids at Ace Audiology. However, when in a dilemma about the hearing disability, before proceeding with the clinical advice, you can opt for online hearing test with us. An initiative of Dr Yazdaneh Galt, it aims at answering all your queries to figure out a precise solution within just a short few minutes.

Please call us on +03 98508888 in case of any queries or concerns. Or you can also email us at reception@aceaudiology.com.au, we will get back to you with all the details.


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